La Chouffe – Blond Ale

La Chouffe is an unfiltered blonde beer, which is fermented twice, once in the keg and again in the bottle. Pleasantly fruity, and spiced with coriander, it has a light hop taste. Because it is unfiltered, some of the yeast will settle at the bottom during storage. Pour gently to avoid pouring the yeast out – serve separately if desired.

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  • Hazy golden colour
  • Thick, white, frothy head
  • Strong yeasty smell, with notes of spice, cloves and citrus
  • Alcohol by volume: 8%
  • Volume per bottle: 330ml

Product Care

Store the bottles in an upright position in a cool, dark place. A yeast sediment will naturally form at the bottom of the bottle. Hold the glass at a slight angle and slowly pour in the beer. Be careful not to touch either the glass or the head with the neck of the bottle. Do not quickly move the bottle to a vertical position between pouring different glasses, and leave a centimetre in the bottom of the bottle. The yeast could be served later, if you wish.


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